by Ima Droppa

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I be up late night just thinking / (x4)

Verse 1:
It's hard for me to verbalize my thoughts /
Sometimes I just don't know how I can scribble words into a pattern /
I just let em flow, the syllables start coming to me natural /
And I organize em rhythmically and say that I'm a rapper /
But nobody knows what happens, they just say the boy is spazzin /
When it's really something deeper, it's just something I can't capture /
So I keep on jotting phrases down to find some sort of rapture /
In the search within myself I see my mind is more than fractured /
I turn around a lot of things that happen and I see em /
Like sometimes when you're the lion that's inside the coliseum /
And then others when you're hiding from the lion tryna eat /
The objective is the same but perception is to blame /
If the setting didn't change we'd be set inside our ways /
So if you get the opportunity to step into the flame /
Hesitate for just a second, think the best and shuffle forth /
Cuz if it comes to you, it means you're ready, open up the door /

Verse 2:
I think about the mind and the soul /
I'm digging like I'm mining for gold /
I'm tryna find a gem, a certain clue, a hint /
To teach me how to harness the power and what to do with it /
Everyone is capable of conquering their spirit /
Some of us get close to it and others are right near it /
It's all inside your mental, breathe in deep and realign yourself /
And understand that being fine and well is what defines your wealth /
Through the greatest sickness or at the peak of the finest health /
Don't ever feel ashamed or think you're weak when you cry for help /
When you're keeping in your secrets, no one listens when you try to tell /
Speak up and don't be silenced, if you gotta do it, cry and yell /
Eliminate that negative energy and remove it all /
Find that equilibrium inside yourself and move along /
The minute that you stop will set you back a hundred years /
So confront your fears, the time isn't coming, no, the time is here /


released December 29, 2015
Produced by ImaDroppa




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Ima Droppa Norwich, Connecticut

Young music producer, native to Southeastern Connecticut. Accidentally started making music in 2010 on a phone app and haven't been able to stop. Got a love for music, loads of talent, and im just having fun.

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